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Alfa Laval CM Condition Monitor

Maximize plant uptime while minimizing costs with the Alfa Laval CM, a wireless vibration monitoring system that tracks the operating condition of rotating equipment, such as pumps, mixers and agitators.

Compact and easy to use, it supports decision-making to protect valuable plant assets. A sensor measures vibration and alerts operators through a visible LED indicator on the monitor and any connected mobile device if preset thresholds are exceeded.
  • Make fast, accurate decisions and schedule maintenance accordingly, preventing potential problems before they occur
  • Increase efficiency, reduce the risk of equipment failure and lower your total cost of ownership
  • Ensure hygienic integrity, suitable for plant washdown
  • Easy, low cost installation and set-up. No cables required
  • Safe data collection
  • Ideal for rotating equipment like rotary pumps, mixers and agitators
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Control Devices

  • Disconnect switches
  • Motor contactors and overloads
  • Process controllers/PLCs (programmable logic controllers)
  • Proximity and photo eye switches
  • Relays and timers
  • Temperature controllers
  • Valve positioners and solenoids
  • Valve position indicators/control tops
  • VFDs (variable frequency drives, sometimes called variable speed drives)
  • Weigh scale controllers

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For Your Facility

  • Automation panels
  • Data collection/SCADA
  • Machine level control
  • Motor control panels
  • Safety systems and controls
  • Supervisor level control

Koss is a UL508A certified custom control panel shop.

Machine Interfaces

  • HMI screens (human machine interface)
  • Operator stations
  • Push buttons and switches
  • Touch screens

Measurement Devices

  • Conductivity sensors and transmitters
  • Flow meters (MAG, mass and Coriolis)
  • Level sensors and transmitters
  • Ph sensors and transmitters
  • Pressure gauges, sensors and transmitters
  • Temperature gauges, transmitters and RTDs
  • Weight scales, transmitters and load cells

Process Display

  • Chart recorders
  • HMI displays (human machine interface)
  • Paperless recorders
  • Process loop display/controllers
  • Weigh scale indicators and interfaces
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