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We proudly carry Alfa Laval controls and indicators.

Alfa Laval ThinkTop®

The compact Alfa Laval ThinkTop V50 and V70 are the second-generation of the leading sensing and control units for hygienic valves. They ensure unmatched control of all Alfa Laval valves used in the dairy, food, beverage, brewery and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Fast, intuitive setup takes place in seconds
  • Smart control with 24/7 self-diagnostics
  • 360° LED visual status indication, visible from any direction
  • Built-to-last waterproof design withstands vibration and thermal expansion
  • Fastest ever burst seat cleaning reduces water consumption by up to 90%
  • Fits onto all Alfa Laval sanitary actuators equipped with mushrooms

Alfa Laval ThinkTop® Basic

ThinkTop Basic offers simplicity of operation, standard functionality and reliable, cost-effective operation for general applications in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries. Simplicity of operation is the main focus for ThinkTop Basic so this valve sensing and control head is optimized with fewer options and fewer digital connections.

  • Durable watertight design
  • Proven and inherently safe
  • Available in digital, AS-Interface and ATEX versions
  • Fits onto all Alfa Laval sanitary actuators equipped with mushrooms

Alfa Laval ThinkTop® D30

Compact and intelligent, ThinkTop® D30 is an easy-to-install integrated control unit for hygienic applications. It is a cost-effective alternative for use where space is limited and operational simplicity and reliability is important.

  • Durable watertight design
  • Compact, easy-to-install
  • Reliable and hygienic
  • Fits most actuators

TriClover Green Top

This highly-durable control and indication unit from Alfa Laval utilizes a combination of switches and/or solenoids to provide the valve control and position indication suited to your application.

  • Use with LKB butterfly or 700 series valves
  • Designed for quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Durable construction holds up to punishing environments

Alfa Laval IndiTop

Straightforward and easy to use, IndiTop provides accurate and reliable information about the status of most standard sanitary valves used in the dairy, food and beverage, and biopharm industries

  • Accurate visual indication of valve position and status
  • Accurate visual indication of power supply status
  • Universal fit for any Alfa Laval air actuated sanitary valve
  • Compatible with all major PLC systems with digital PNP/NPN interfaces
  • Durable, watertight, hygienic design
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