Plate Heat Exchanger Sizing & Service

Sizing PHEs? We got this!

In-house expertise
Are your thermodynamic equation skills a little rusty or even non-existent? Let us help! We are an Alfa Laval Master Distributor and our engineers are specially trained to help you find the optimal heat exchanger to meet your needs.

We do sizing in house.
  • Work with you directly to determine and adjust variables.
  • Produce and revise quotes quickly.
  • No third party needed.

In general, multiple heat exchanger models will work for a given application. But we take your unique specifications, your process, overall cost to purchase and operate, ease of maintenance, and future scalability into account when finding the optimal solution for you.
Need help with selection, sizing or service?

Service & Maintenance
Our highly skilled service techs can perform a wide variety of PHE services to keep you running at maximum efficiency.
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Field Testing
Avoid unplanned shutdowns and product loss with highly accurate integrity testing. It's quick, easy, on your schedule and at your site.
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We're an Alfa Laval Master Distributor offering a full line of PHEs including gasketed and brazed models. Let us help determine which is best for your operation.
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