Cheese Presses & Hoops

A-Frame Cheese Presses

Our industrial A-frame vertical-style cheese presses are designed with angled stacks for optimal drainage. Each row or stack is evenly pressed by air cylinders.

  • Easily press large quantities of cheese
  • Reliable, even pressure with individual cylinder controls
  • Can be designed in a number of different row configurations
  • Vertical design uses less floor space than horizontal presses
  • Can be designed for rectangular or round cheese hoops

Meet or exceed USDA sanitary standards.

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Cheese Hoops & Molds

Whether you call them hoops or molds, our durable, stainless steel cheese forms can be used with vertical or horizontal pressing methods. Available in 20 and 40 lb. sizes.

  • Wilson hoop design includes a box, liner, cover, and two pins
  • Sanitary, food-grade bent handles
  • 20 lb. hoops feature 16 gauge stainless steel bottoms and covers, both drilled for whey drainage
  • 40 lb. hoops have 14 gauge stainless steel bottoms and dimpled covers, both drilled for whey drainage
  • Liners for both sizes are 14 gauge stainless steel

Meet or exceed USDA sanitary standards.

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Hoop Fillers

Slide this funnel-like chute into one of our 20 or 40 lb. cheese hoops to make filling with curd faster and easier. Once the hoop is full, simply remove the filler. Built of stainless steel for decades of use.

Meet or exceed USDA sanitary standards.

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For further reference ...

More about pressing cheese

Pressing cheese is a process that removes remaining whey from the curd allowing it to knit together. Pressing also helps improve the final texture.

Pressing does not determine the overall hardness or moisture level of the cheese. That is achieved by manipulating the temperature of the curds and whey, the size of the curds while stirring and the size of the final curd prior to pressing.

Pressing removes excess whey from the curd
Helps knit the curd together

More about cheese hoops

Hoops and molds have several uses in cheesemaking depending on the cheese type. They may aid in draining whey, holding curds while they knit together, and forming the cheese’s initial shape. Early cheese hoops were made of wood.

For consistent size and shape cheeses
Aid in draining whey and knitting of the curd

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