Engineering & Design

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Engineering Services

As a valuable participant in the design process, our engineering department will put its knowledge of process design, sanitary design, and component and fittings design to work for you.

Our engineers are trained to analyze and evaluate. They take into account production and maintenance needs, environmental effects, operational stressors, production and maintenance costs as well as other factors that affect the overall practicality of the solutions they develop. Their skill set includes:

  • Design of processing equipment and systems
  • Equipment retrofitting
  • Process design
  • Optimization of existing equipment, lines, systems and processes
  • Custom component and fittings design
  • Project management
  • ​Consulting, training and on-site assistance available

We work independently or in tandem with your engineers to deliver the strongest solutions possible.

Mechanical Design Services

Koss mechanical designers create detailed plans and stay current with the latest software and technology in order to provide you with solutions in the fastest way possible.

  • 2D and 3D drawings to help bring your products to life before production starts
  • Detailed prints and specs because we know the smallest details can contribute greatly to overall product quality
  • Understanding of sanitary standards and requirements
Let us add value to your next project.

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