Pump Carts and Bases

Pump Carts & Bases

Our heavy-duty, sanitary, stainless steel pump carts and dollies are a cost-effective solution for moving pump capabilities throughout your facility. Providing maximum mobility and performance, these durable carts are an exceptional value.

  • Custom-built to meet your needs
  • With or without controls
  • Wheel/caster options
  • Variety of finishes 

Pump bases can increase the life of your pump by helping to eliminate the negative effects of torque and vibration. Sanitary pumps are often used in high pressure applications where pressure at the pump head can cause torque on the entire pump assembly. They also get used in situations where there is quite a bit of line vibration. Exposing a pump to repetitive torque and vibration can lead to premature seal and bearing failure along with shaft misalignment. 

  • Custom-built to meet your needs
  • Flat plate or tube construction
  • Variety of finishes
  • Available with Koss 3-A leveling feet
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