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Alfa Laval Pump SuperCenter

We proudly offer Alfa Laval sanitary pumps.

Sanitary Pumps

As an Alfa Laval Master Distributor, our pump experts can help you choose the right pump for the right application at a competitive price. And our large in-stock selection means a faster turn-around for you.

Save energy, experience fewer breakdowns, and reduce maintenance costs with expert guidance from Koss.

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Pump Carts & Bases

Don't skimp on your pump's foundation. Pump carts and bases that are not substantial enough to absorb vibration and provide rigid support can lead to premature pump failure and increased maintenance costs.

We custom build pump carts and bases from heavy-duty stainless steel in a variety of sizes and finishes.


Koss offers a variety of sanitary motors for use on our equipment. Each is chosen to provide value to your operation by helping to increase pump reliability and reduce pump maintenance costs.

AC Motors

  • General purpose and severe duty models
  • Washdown and stainless washdown
  • Explosion-proof
  • Variable speed

DC motors, Servo motors, clutches, brakes, starters, gearboxes and VFDs also available for use with specific equipment/process applications.

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For further reference ...

Pump Terminology

Pump - Standard mechanical device used to force a liquid or a gas to move forward inside a pipeline or hose using suction or pressure or both. 

Motor - Electro-mechanical device used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. It drives the pump.

Washdown Motor - Painted or coated motor specifically designed with coated inner windings and parts to help it withstand the high-pressure washing required for sanitary requirements.

Stainless Washdown - Unlike standard washdown motors where cleaning solution can find its way under the paint or coating, a stainless steel motor better withstands the repeated high-pressure washings and chemical solutions used to meet sanitary requirements.

Starter - Also called a contactor, a starter is a large relay used to handle the on/off single-speed control of the motor. 

Soft Starter - A device used with AC electrical motors to temporarily reduce the load and torque in the power train and prevent an electric current surge during start-up. 

Gearbox - Used in pumping applications to reduce the speed of the motor. Often referred to as speed reducers.

VFD - A variable frequency drive is an electronic device used to control motor speed and torque by varying motor input frequency and voltage. It is housed in an enclosure to protect it from environmental contaminants like dust, dirt, and liquids. A VFD can replace a soft start or starter/contactor.

Gearmotor - A gearbox (speed reducer) and motor combination supplied as one unit.

Drive - The entire rotary power supply of a pump system. It can include the starter, motor, gear box, VFD, and/or gearmotor.

Pump - moves liquid or gas through pipe

Motor - drives the pump

Washdown - a motor that is painted or coated to help it handle high-pressure washing

Stainless Washdown - stainless steel motors best withstand repeated washings and chemical solutions 

Starter - handles the on/off single-speed control of the motor

Soft Starter - prevents electrical surge during startup

Gearbox - a speed reducer for the motor

VFD - controls motor speed and torque

Gearmotor - Gearbox and motor combo unit

Drive - Entire rotary power supply of a pump

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