Sanitary Valves, Valve Manifolds, Controls & Indicators

Sanitary Valves

Our in-depth knowledge of systems and process flows can provide you with the guidance you need when choosing valves for your operation.

  • Large selection of new valves in stock
  • Multiple supplier relationships for those hard-to-find valves
  • We stock both new and used components which allows us to build custom valves as needed

Valve Manifolds

Because each skidded valve manifold (or valve cluster) is uniquely configured for a specific process, a full understanding of the process and precise fabrication are required. We have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully execute your next valve manifold project.

  • Efficient way to connect multiple fluid sources with multiple destinations
  • Automated and controlled by a central computer
  • Help to reduce energy consumption and labor costs
  • Maximize floor space and reduce installation costs due to their compact layout
  • With fewer connections between pipes, they help reduce the chance of leaks
  • Designed and fabricated for your specific process

Controls & Indicators

We offer valve top control and indication devices from a variety of trusted suppliers so you have better control and monitoring of your processing operations.

  • Accurate and reliable status indication
  • Real-time information
  • Wide range of products from basic indicator tops (open/close/fail), to positioners (you choose the position from 0-100%), to high-tech control tops 
  • We offer control tops that are compatible with a variety of communication protocols (AS-I, digital, DeviceNet, ethernet, etc.)
  • Kits available to convert basic valves to your technology
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