Industrial Cleaning and Sanitation Equipment and Devices

CIP Systems

Let Koss design, fabricate and install your next custom stainless steel clean-in-place system. We build to fit your processes and your facilities.

COP Tanks

Koss builds durable, stainless steel COP tanks in 5 different sizes. Or have us build to your specifications. You choose the length, width, height and depth that work best for your washing applications and we'll build to suit. Customize with covers, side jets, pumps, valves, motors, heating elements, control panels and more.

Sanitary Washers

Clean quickly and with confidence. We custom design and fabricate industrial sanitary washers in a variety of styles and configurations including tunnel and cabinet washers.

  • No manual cleaning required, reducing labor
  • Water and chemical use are controlled, reducing costs

Tank Cleaning Equipment

Ensure high productivity and help maintain product integrity with effective tank cleaning solutions from Koss. Optimize every stage of your cleaning process for a significant impact on overall output and quality. We have a large selection of:

  • Agitator blade cleaning devices
  • Retractors
  • Rotary spray heads
  • Spray balls
  • Tank cleaning machines

Wash Baskets & Racks

Come to Koss for a wide variety of wash baskets and custom-designed wash racks.

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